Top 4 Free Wallpaper Websites

1. Flickr

Flickr logo

Flickr is a free photo sharing website owned by Yahoo! and is one of the most popular websites for hosting photography; as a result there is heaps of free photography including wallpapers licensed under the Creative Commons. Just use the keyword you’re looking for and ‘wallpaper’ to find a whole collection of wallpapers. Once you find one you like click on the ‘actions’ tab and select ‘view all sizes’ then download the right size (see below).

Select "more sizes" to gain access to a larger image in Flickr.
Select "more sizes" to gain access to a larger image in Flickr.

2. deviantART

deviantArt logo

deviantART is a community of artists, towards the end of 2010 they were hosting 100 million submissions. deviantART has a wallpaper section including specialised designs for the iPhone and widescreens. Designs are also far-reaching including vector, abstract, fractals and vehicles.

3. InterfaceLIFT

InterfaceLIFT logo

InterfaceLIFT has more than 2000 wallpapers available in nearly every resolution for common devices including netbooks, desktops and phones. Wallpapers can be filtered by a simple click of a button. All wallpapers are voted on, in order to support a high standard of quality before entering the frontpage. Users of the website can become part of the forum, submit wallpapers and view live charts of the submissions.

4. Reddit

Reddit Logo

Visiting the wallpaper board (subreddit) shows pages of wallpapers on the social voting news website, Reddit. The board can be sorted using what’s hot,  new, controversial and top saved. Most wallpapers link to popular image sharing destinations and include (mostly light-hearted) comments from users.


Bicycles Around the World

Join us on a journey around the world, covering one of the most versatile forms of transport: the bicycle. Photos are hosted on Flickr and are licensed under Creative Commons.


Fruit stand
Fruit stand (@Vince Alongi)


Bicycle park

Bicycle Park (@dearbarbie)


Bicycle Parking @ Shinjuku, Tokyo

Bicycle Parking @ Shinjuku, Tokyo (@kevinpoh)

Velib obsession

Velib obsession (@austinevan)

03 :: critical mass :: feb '09

03 :: critical mass :: feb ’09 (@Looking Glass)