It’s Official: Microsoft to Buy Skype

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In a follow-up to the initial reports of Microsoft to buy Skype, Microsoft has released a new press release as predicted. Skype has over 170 million connected users which will help to enhance ‘Microsoft’s existing portfolio of real-time communications products and services.’

Skype will be part of a new division of Microsoft. The head will be the CEO of Skype, Tony Bates though the deal is ‘subject to regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions.’ according to Microsoft.

Skype also has a blog post from Tony Bates who wrote ‘the combination of Skype and Microsoft will directly benefit all of you who use Skype by ushering in a new era of generative ways for everyone to communicate.’


Microsoft to Buy Skype for $8.5bn

Skype Logo

In a massive move in video chat software, Microsoft is expected to release details 5AM tomorrow about the $8.5 billion dollars acquisition of Skype according to the Wall Street Journal sources.

The acquisition of Skype comes after a long list of rumors from partnerships of Skype with other technology companies including Google and Facebook. The deal will be the largest acquisition for Microsoft.

Skype was started in 2003 and eBay bought the software two years later for $2.6 billion but was later acquired by Silver Lake Partners who own 65% of the company, Skype Limited.