About.me Starts Testing @About.me Email Addresses

About.me Email
Snippet of email from About.me

About.me, a website for personal profiles, has started beta testing with selected users a new @about.me email address previously only available for staff. The email will be powered by AOL Mail and the email address is given as your username and the @about.me extension.

The new email address will be integrated into About.me from the dashboard but other than that all features will be the same as found in the normal AOL Mail. About.me are updating their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to reflect the new email service.

AOL purchased About.me in 2010, Business Insider reported that “well-sourced gossipers tell us AOL paid about $25 million”, however this figure was not confirmed.


AOL Kills Switched and DownloadSquad Blogs

Image representing AOL as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

Two popular technology AOL blogs, Switched and DownloadSquad, have announced their closure after more than four years of coverage. The two websites will be kept live but no new content will be added by the parting writers.

A large banner directs readers to HuffingtonPost Tech one of the technology offerings from AOL Tech. As part the $315 Million HuffingtonPost acquisition deal from AOL the HuffingtonPost Media Group was created. Arianna Huffington was named the President and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group and was given control of all AOL blogs and media properties.

DownloadSquad bloggers have created their own technology blog called Browser Scene. The blog was created quickly after the shut down, the writers saying ‘this is what we’ve done for years, and we wanted to keep doing it.’