List of Mobile Champs

A list of mobile champs provided by Brandon Watson in an email for webOS developers.

Country Mobile Champ & Email
Australia Chris Bright Dave Glover (DPE
Austria Andreas Schabus
Belgium David Hernie
Brazil Silvia Valadares Caio Chaves Garcez
Canada Paul Laberge
Chile Wilson Pais
China Liwei Zhao Felix Yan Simon Duan
Czech Republic Filip Rehorik
Columbia Walter Novoa (Adecco) Ricardo Marulanda
Denmark Martin Esmann
Finland Jukka Wallasvaara
France Antoine Markarian Pierre Cauchois Alex Danvy
Germany Windows Phone 7 Apps Germany
Greece Gina Tiriakidou
Hong Kong Andy Cheung (HK DPE)
Hungary Zsolt Batorfi
India Girish C Joshi
Indonesia Irving Hutagalung
Ireland Josh Holmes
Italy Giuseppe Guerrasio Lorenzo Barbieri
Japan Shinobu Takahashi Akira Onishi
Korea Jinho Seo
Malaysia Hoong Fai Lai
Mexico Edgar Omar Aviles Rosas
Netherlands Matthijs Hoekstra
New Zealand Nigel Parker Mike Zeff
Norway Arif Shafique
Philippines Zandra Nicolas
Poland Bartlomiej Zass
Portugal Nuno Silva
Puerto Rico Yamille Morales
Russia WP7 Apps Russia
Singapore Chris Ismael
South Africa Nyaladzi Mpofu
Spain WP7 Apps Spain
Sweden Dag K├Ânig Anders Wedahl
Switzerland Ken Casada Sascha Corti
Taiwan Eric ShangKuan
Thailand Ekaraj Kongswangwongsa
UK William Coleman Paul Foster Mike Ormond
US Joe Shirey

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