Codecademy is an Interactive and Accessible Way to Learn Programming

Codecademy lesson

Codecademy has made learning to program, currently only with Javascript, accessible to almost any computer user by using simple prompts which guide you through lessons and a console to type code in. Codecademy is similar to the style of Try Ruby! and Hackety Hack by Why the Lucky Stiff, who is today commemorated in Whyday.

The website currently has eight lessons but is likely to expand quickly. The creators, on a forum, said “we should have more lessons up within the week. We’re going to get on Python as soon as we can”, adding that “hundreds” of people have offered to make courses for the website. Programmers can offer to help by contacting the website owners.

At first, users are not forced to sign-up to the service but later into the lessons an account is needed. Accounts store user achievements and also track progress. The friends mode allows you to “keep tabs on your friends’ progress” by connecting with a Facebook account.

Codecademy was created by Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski who built the website using Ruby on Rails. The new website was also posted to Hacker News in a Show HN thread where the creators got feedback. The terms of service sheds some light on the future of the new service which says “everything on Codecademy is currently free, with premium services a possibility in the future”.


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