Remove Yourself from Online Records with UnlistMy.Info


UnlistMy.Info helps users remove personal information from popular privacy-invading website which scour the internet for information to run background checks and people searches by listing opt-out information.

The website was announced on Reddit by Reddit user Cblaz, saying “I think the information is important and should be easily accessible to anyone who wants to protect their privacy.” The Redditor highlighted that they learned of how the remove the information from a post by LawyerCT and Pibbman who used a list of “top” websites and found removal instructions.

The original Reddit poster works at Albine, an online privacy startup, who offer the service for $75 and say “many smaller search sites rely on the big guys for their data, so deleting you from the big databases prevents them from feeding your information to sites across the web.”

Spokeo, just one infamous people search engine, is willing to reveal your email address, social network links and even your ethnicity, gender, wealth and home value all for a monthly or yearly fee. Julian M Bucknall, programmer and journalist in the United States, paid $15 for access to the profile to see what information they actually successfully collected. The results showed wide inconsistencies even though Bucknall publishes a blog, résumé and has public social network profiles.


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