Gizmodo Says Gadgets Aren’t Sexy, Really Gizmodo?

The word "sexy' crossed out

Gawker Media’s Gizmodo has recently taken a stab at technology writers who use the word ‘sexy’ to describe beautiful technology products. Mat Honan, senior reporter at Gizmodo, realizes that Gizmodo is one of the worst offenders. In one post Gizmodo writers describe how the Olympus PEN Mini was “comparable in size to its sexy older cousin”, the blogger said “change must start at home, so we’re ending the practice now. You’ll not see it used here improperly again.”

Maybe Gizmodo doesn’t subscribe to the Oxford English Dictionary’s two definitions of the word “sexy”, one “sexually attractive or exciting” and the other informal use of “very exciting or appealing” but Honan can’t contain the rant targeting popular technology writers saying “Walt Mossberg! Please explain to me exactly how you intend to use this Dell touch screen in a sexually stimulating way!” Doing the same for David Pogue and Joshua Topolsky in cruder words.

If Gizmodo doesn’t like informal usage of words their argument would be much stronger if they didn’t start it like this: “tell me, do you intend to f**k it, or do you simply plan to shove it up your ass?” Last time I checked those expletives were the overused clichés.


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