The New York Times Releases beta620 to Test Projects

beta620 website

The New York Times will now test out experimental projects on beta620, the newspaper’s public testing website including the ability of users and developers to”suggest and collaborate on new ideas and new products.”

Projects now included are instant search, a dashboard for community members, a crossword web app as well as four other smaller projects. Interestingly, the website already had graduates which were a recommendation engine, coming up next and a Times Skimmer app which spreads the news onto a newspaper-like HTML app.

Currently there is no option of developers outside of the New York Times to submit into the three categories of social, mash-up or app, though developers can use the New York Times API with documentation and code to create their own tools.

The launch of the project was delayed after the March 28 2011 introduction of the paywall which limits users to 20 articles a day until the paywall asks users to subscribe to continue to get access to online content.


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