HTTPS Everywhere Extension 1.0 Released

HTTPS Everywhere logo with padlock
Based on logo by the Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and The TOR Project have released the first stable release of HTTPS Everywhere. The extension for Firefox has now exited beta, supports over a thousand websites, has a better user interface and “performance improvements” according to the developers.

The extension forces website to use the secure HTTPS where available and encrypts requests from your browser to websites. Peter Eckersley, Senior Staff Technologist at EFF, said “without HTTPS, your online reading habits and activities are vulnerable to eavesdropping, and your accounts are vulnerable to hijacking.”

Currently the extension is only available for Firefox users as Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari APIs have limitations in request rewriting. EFF say “that means that there is currently no way to write a secure version of HTTPS Everywhere without modifying the Chrome source code.” KB SSL Enforcer is an alternative though EFF say that it does not appear to be secure.

The extension was first released June 17 2010 as public beta by TOR and EFF. The project was “inspired by the launch of Google’s encrypted search option.” EFF had asked Google to include encrypted search and said “we’re very pleased to see it come to pass”.


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