Alleged LulzSec Member Topiary On Bail

LulzSec member arrested
Based on photograph by Kashklick (Flickr)

Jake Davis, also known as his hacking pseudonym of Topiary, has made an appearance in UK courts and was granted bail with a ban from using the internet and a curfew from 7am to 10pm. Another LulzSec member, Sabu, started a hashtag for Topiary with the fitting #FreeTopiary which became a trending topic.

The alleged PR front on Twitter for the group wrote fake stories and press releases which they say provided “lulz.” One story appeared on the PBS website, which was started after airing a negative WikiLeaks television show, with details of the continued life of Tupac and Biggie and the second appeared on the Sun website with an article that Rupert Murdoch was dead.

A statement released by LulzSec said “Jake Davis brought lulz to the oppressed.” and confirmed that he was from the Shetland Islands saying “from the remote and desolate Shetland islands, Jake’s voice reached millions. Perhaps the success of his message was in its simplicity.” The full message was posted on Pastebin, a popular website for sharing text.

Jake Davis, 18, was arrested late last week as part of an investigation into hacking by The Metropolitan Police Service’s Police Central e-Crime Unit. A full list of e-crime offenses which Jake Davis was charged with has been made available by the MET.


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