Adobe Edge Released for HTML5 and CSS Animation

Adobe Edge on a Mac
Adobe Edge screenshot via Adobe Systems

Adobe has released a free public preview for Adobe Edge, new software from the creators of Flash which will use new HTML5 and CSS3 standards with JavaScript to create animated content. The program works with both Mac and PCs. Adobe say the software can be used for “advertising, simple animations and motion design for new compositions or using existing CSS-based page layouts.”

Adobe say there is an opportunity for both HTML5 and Flash in the world of content, although Apple already does not support Flash on their iOS devices. Kevin Fernandez, Group Product Manager for Adobe’s Web Pro Segment, told ReadWriteWeb “HTML5 is an opportunity for Adobe,” and “that’s not to say there aren’t opportunities for Flash.”

Development of the project was seen last year during the Adobe MAX event. The software is based on WebKit and will work in all modern browsers without the need for the user to install plug-ins as it uses web standards. Android, iOS, HP’s webOS and the BlackBerry PlayBook are the mobile devices which are supported.

Adobe has also created a showcase with the major additions in CSS3 and HTML5 in a slick animation with examples and the percentage of browsers who will be able to use your content.


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