Mozilla Building Mobile OS Codenamed “Boot to Gecko”

An early Mozilla mascot
Image via Wikipedia

Mozilla has started planning for a new mobile operating system codenamed Boot to Gecko (b2G) in an attempt to remove proprietary systems used for application development. The open-source project is open for contribution though infrastructure required for the project is being set-up. The OS is expected to work on Android-compatible devices.

Mozilla wants to help bridge the gaps that web developers face and eventually wants them to be able to “equals of native apps built for the iPhone, Android, and WP7.” The project will develop new web APIs that are able to connect “OS capabilities to content” such as the camera and telephony. The new system will not support Android apps, though these may be used in the short-term if required if web APIs are not developed in time. Andreas Gal said that support for Android apps using a API “would be the same kind of temporary wart that plugins like Flash and Silverlight are for the desktop web platform.”

The plan has already drawn criticism over possible patent issues with ComputerWorld reporting concerns, though development has not started yet.


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