Five News Analysis Podcasts Worth Listening To

PBS NewsRoom with reporters

1. NPR All Things Considered

Published: Daily

This flagship NPR radio show consists of commentaries, news and what NPR call “insightful features on the quirky and the mainstream in arts and life, music and entertainment.” All Things Considered is released daily for download, due to the long length of the program the podcast is divided into series.

2. BBC Analysis

Published: Weekly

Analysis from the BBC is a podcast which investigates the reasons behind news events. The average show lasts for just below 30 minutes. The program has a strong focus on events in the UK but also cover some international events. Recently the program covered the economic situation of the United States and if they were going to be avert an “economic meltdown”, the podcast had also covered the UK’s policy towards the Middle East.

3. BBC Documentaries

Published: Every two days

Another program from BBC but from the World Service division which often air documentaies in the radio/podcast format. BBC Documentaries offer a global perspective with interviews and commentary from their journalists. These documentaries are presented in an accessible and interesting format.

4. Financial Times News

Published: Weekly to monthly

The Financial Times publishes their own news analysis podcasts occasionally, unlike the other news analysis podcasts these stick almost certainly to large news issues and are very short: no more than ten minutes. Though, reporters are often able to give a wide perspective on issues in this short time.

5. PBS NewsHour

Published: Daily

PBS publish this podcast very often as part of their NewsHour program. PBS divides the podcasts depending on the content type such as report or analysis. The analysis section may pose a question and discussions of the latest news analysis. This is one of the most comprehensive programs in the news analysis section since they publish so often.


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