Top Five Free Screencast Recorders

1. BB FlashBack Express (Windows)

Recording sound and video in BB Flashback Express

BB FlashBack Express is a slimmed down version of BB FlashBack, however this software is still very usable and excellent for screencasts. Features of this software include recording voice, sections of the screen and keystrokes for the use in screencasts. The software developers, Blueberry Software, have a full list of features.

2. Wink (Windows/Linux)

Recording a window in Wink

This is a very powerful piece of software with the ability to add annotations, quickly edit the video and add navigation buttons. However, the output for the video only SWF and EXE for the video. The bad news is that most video sites do not officially support SWF uploads, download and use a video converter such as FFmpeg if you wish to upload your screencasts for video sharing. It is recommended to quickly read a tutorial to get the most out of this program.

3. recordMyDesktop (Linux)

RecordMyDesktop start screen
Quickly change the quality of the video on the start screen.

recordMyDesktop records your session of a full screen or selected area in an Ogg Theora file.  This simple video record has options for improving performance and whether you wish to record graphical elements such as the mouse. Extra options are available through the command-line box which affect the program when started.

4. Krut Computer Recorder (Windows/ Ubuntu)

Krut Toolbar

Krut is a very simple video capturing tool which requires Java to run. The program creates videos in a MOV format and sound in a WAV format. The program download is only 5 MB and is very user-friendly. From the settings page the quality can be increased as well as the size of the recording area.

5. Screenr (Web-based)

Screenr logo

If you need a recording fast, Screenr allows up to five minutes of high-definition recording without the need for software. The web app allows for quick sharing on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook and embedding on websites and blogs. If you have a microphone, Screenr will record it.


One thought on “Top Five Free Screencast Recorders

  1. I use FRAPS and I use to try CamStudio. Both aren’t the best but on a budget, it’s the best I got at hand. Also I think ManyCam also has a feature for screencasting.

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