Microsoft Profit Up But Windows Sales Down

The Microsoft sign at the entrance of the Germ...
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Microsoft has created a new record for revenue earned at Microsoft with $69.94 billion in revenue with a 23% in net income which was $23.15 billion. Strong sales from the key markets of Microsoft Office and the Xbox console helped Microsoft though Windows sales continued their downwards trend  as more move towards tablets instead of buying PCs and netbooks. The growth for the Windows and Windows Live market has retracted 2% for the fiscal year.

A writer at the Guardian, Charles Arthur, said that piracy in China and other Asian markets ate away the money from the booming markets in an analysis article though Microsoft said in a Earnings Conference Call that “emerging markets continue to grow at a rapid pace.” Windows 8, the codenamed future Windows product, will usable on low-power chips that are used in tablets and mobile. Microsoft also told investors that “cloud momentum” was frontlined with Office 365, an online version of the Microsoft Office suite adding that Office 365 had “cross-sell and up-sell” capabilities.

Bing has continued increasing its search market share by 14.4% with partnerships with Yahoo! to power searches made on the website and Facebook for social search. Microsoft say that Xbox also has the largest market share in the United States console market.

Microsoft joins Google, Apple and IBM in punching above their Wall Street estimates for these large technology companies. Microsoft’s “Mango” phone update in expected in Fall 2011.


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