LulzSec Hacks Murdoch’s Sun!/LulzSec/status/93071284837154816

LulzSec has rejoined the hacking scene to hack The Sun, a News Corporation tabloid , with a fake article on the death of Rupert Murdoch.The seemingly sleeping LulzSec quit earlier this year after hacking into Sony, Fox (also News Corporation) and the US government websites including and affiliates of the FBI.

LulzSec defaced the Sun website sending visitors to a webpage which contained a false story that Murdoch was found overdosed in a garden. Part of the story saying:

Murdoch, aged 80, has said to have ingested a large quantity of palladium before stumbling into his famous topiary garden late last night, passing out in the early hours of the morning.

The homepage of the News Corporation website has also faced a DDoS which prevents visitors as well as allegedly gaining access to DNS servers with ‘all 1,024 web addresses’ down. As well as this LulzSec say they had gained access to the email logs from the Sun and were prepared to release them.

The targeting of the Sun is most likely related to the infamous News of the World phone hacking scandal which sent Rupert Murdoch’s multimedia empire, News Corporation,  including Fox and the  Wall Street Journal into deeply scandalous affair.

Meanwhile, a member of LulzSec under the pseudonym of AnonymousSabu posted a screenshot of a defaced website they sent users to and in a separate tweet said:


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