Lady Gaga Suspended from YouTube After Copyright Violation

Lady Gaga faced a YouTube channel suspension, which was later overturned by Google after ‘multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s copyright policy.’ The copyright suspension occurred after Fuji TV’s SMAP X SMAP television program footage was put online this Thursday.

Lady Gaga was singing some of her  latest songs including Born This Way, You & I and The Edge of Glory. The medley included SMAP, a Japanese boy band which are featured in the SMAP X SMAP show. After the account was restored, SMAP did not appear on the channel though other YouTube channels are still hosting the footage.

Google’s policy is to take-down accounts which have more than three copyright violations. Techdirt wrote that Media Interactive Inc. issued the take-down. Techdirt saying that that Media Interactive Inc. had ‘quite the reputation (search the YouTube help forums) for issuing somewhat questionable takedown claims.’

Lady Gaga has also taken part in the Google Chrome advertisements which shows Lady Gaga using the internet to reach out to her fans.


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