How Do You Answer ‘What’s Your Greatest Weakness?’ in an Interview

An interview for television.
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‘What’s your greatest weakness?’ may be one of the most tried and tested interview questions that cause interviewees to trip up after been taken back by the question. Seriously, not one potential employee would want to bring up their weaknesses when they are talking about all their positive contributions.

Honesty here is a good policy, though never take it too far. A good idea is to take your weakness then add how you’re working to improve your weakness, this will show that you are capable of changing. For this reason don’t pick something you can’t fix, unless you have a very good reason to.

It is likely that all the other respondents before you have already searched the internet for how to answer this question, so try hard not to copy a stock response. The interviewer has already heard these and it will do nothing but make you look unoriginal. They’ve heard about people who talk too much and work too hard (or how you are such a perfectionist). Also,  we all know you have a weakness so don’t say that you do not.

Now that you’ve learned to mix honesty with how it relates to your job and how you’re progressing, be ready for other interview questions. The interviewer could want to know more than one weakness, could be interested in your positive strengths, or would like examples of your weaknesses in action. How have you dealt with this questions? Comment below.


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