Google Tests New ‘Cosmic Panda’ UI for YouTube

New YouTube 'Cosmic Panda' UI with Video

YouTube is testing a new unified look with a new coat of black paint, greater interactivity and better tools for editing profiles. The new design can be tested out by going to the Cosmic Panda test ground. Suggested videos are given more prominence by switching from the comments view to suggested videos view as well as video size, which will change the container of the video without changing the resolution of the video.

Channel branding in YouTube

One of the most impressive features is the new channel editor. The old channel designs are replaced with a cleaner look, with descriptions in a grey box on the side and videos taking a large component of the default profile view option (it can be changed to compact versions). Gone are the options to customize channel colors, though the channel editor as with all new design features are yet to be nailed down.

Noam Lovinsky and Alex Nicksay wrote on the YouTube blog that ‘we’re eager to hear your feedback as it’s a great chance for us to incorporate your ideas into future designs for YouTube,’ the feedback option is accessible from the blue bar on the side of videos.

The design coincides with a push from Google to re-brand services for Google+1. GMail, Search and Calendar are some of the most popular services which have already received a redesign. According to Mashable, Picasa will be renamed Google Photos and Blogger as Google Blogs.


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