What Do You Love? From Google Integrates Products

What Do You Love From Google

What Do You Love? is a new service from Google which combines Google services on the one webpage. Upon visiting the website, a Google homepage style search-box with an icon of a heart appears.

It looks like the website is not quite ready for the prime-time, its coding still has comments for the DoubleClick code, which says that the creation of the website was June 24, though sources told TechCrunch that the website was available on June 28. Comments are usually removed from the HTML markup of a page before release and no official press release has been made. Here is a snapshot of the code:

Start of DoubleClick Floodlight Tag: Please do not remove
Activity name of this tag: Google Search - What Do You Love - Home
URL of the webpage where the tag is expected to be placed: http://www.wdyl.com/
This tag must be placed between theandtags, as close as possible to the opening tag.
Creation Date: 06/24/2011

The product seems like the perfect tool for finding everything about a person or product. Some of the defaults are quite weird depending on what you put in as the answer to what do you love? We put in Linear Fix and suggestions included putting a ‘Date with Linear Fix’ in Google Calendar, to organize a debate about Linear Fix with topics such as ‘Where is the best place to find Linear Fix?’ and ‘How do you feel about Linear Fix?’ and to email someone with the title of ‘I love Linear Fix’


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