Google Health and PowerMeter Retire

Hospital - Magistrale by digital cat
Photograph: Digital Cat (Flickr), 'Hospital - Magistrale'

Google has killed off Google Health, a service designed to monitor personal health, as well as Google PowerMeter,  an electricity usage tool. Google Health will continue until January 2012 and from 2012 to 2013 information will be available as a download. Users of PowerMeter must export data before 16 September 2011, after this date all data will be deleted.

Aaron Brown and Bill Weihl, staff at Google related to the two projects, blogged that Google would ‘retire two products that didn’t catch on the way we would have hoped, but did serve as influential models,’ they remained optimistic saying that ‘they did highlight the importance of access to information in areas where it’s traditionally been difficult,’

Google Health data will be available in different ‘industry-standard’ file formats. They mentioned that ‘tech-savvy patients and their caregivers, and more recently fitness and wellness enthusiasts,’ were most likely using the service though they said they couldn’t find a way to gain exposure to the wider community.

Google PowerMeter was part of (Google’s philanthropy arm) which aimed to open information about electricity usage. Smart meters and plans from the White House for giving the public electronic access to electricity usage were cited as initiative which helped the awareness needed for public electricity data.


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