LulzSec Brazil Takes Down Brazilian Government Websites

A new branch of LulzSec in Brazil has aimed a denial-of-service attack at the Brazilian Government portal and the homepage of the President of Brazil. The sub-group tweeted that they had taken down the website with the same tagline of ‘tango down’ whilst LulzSec tweeted ‘our Brazilian unit is making progress. Well done @LulzSecBrazil, brothers!’

The group was started on 19 June, they told their followers in Portuguese that if they got 1,000 followers they would ‘invade’ the website of the Brazil’s government portal.

The Brazil branch is likely part of the Anonymous and LulzSec operation called ‘AntiSec’ which was recently publicized by both groups. An AntiSec video from Anonymous  said:

We encourage defacement’s of the enemies websites, and use of the word antisec on any and every website or pro censorship group. Any exposed intelligence the enemy decides to withhold from us, should be brought to light. It’s time to show the corrupt governments of the world that they have no right to censor what they do not own.

The video was posted on YouTube in a format commonly used by Anonymous. AntiSec documents are yet to be released with LulzSec tweeting ‘our next step is to categorize and format leaked items we acquire and release them in #AntiSec “payloads” on our website and The Pirate Bay.’


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