Pastebin Down Due to ‘Heavy Load’

Pastebin Cats
Don't panic, cats are on tech support for Pastebin. Photo via Pastebin.

Seven days after Pastebin tweeted that ‘CNN, FoxNews, Yahoo! News, Mashable, TechCrunch, NYTimes, Bloomberg, Engadget and many more’ helped in creating their busiest day ever for the code and text sharing website, Pastebin has suffered an outage saying ‘under heavy load right now, sorry…But we are working on it!’

The outage could have been caused by a post in Pastebin with details of a security bug in Dropbox which allowed anyone to log-in to an account just by using an email-address. Furthermore, LulzSec often publishes details of hacks and press releases on the website.

Edit: It’s back up 7.00 GMT


One thought on “Pastebin Down Due to ‘Heavy Load’

  1. I have been DDOSING The faggots. If pastebin doesn’t stop allowing personal Dox to be published On it’s Site I’ll keep it down.

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