LulzSec Exposed: ‘Web Ninjas’ Allegedly Document Members


LulzSec Exposed, has published what they believe is a complete list of LulzSec members. Information such as chat logs, Bit Coin donors and the personal details of LulzSec members. The website believes that LulzSec were formally part of Anonymous, it has previously been confirmed on Twitter that the group was part of 4Chan in 2005.

LulzSec Exposed have distanced themselves from The Jester, another hacker, saying:

Many of the tweets and LulzSec think that we are “Jester”
We are not Jester, We are “Web Ninjas
We do like Jester and appreciate his Anti-Jihadi activism. Stay Frosty Dude 🙂

Here’s the Confusing Part

Somebody started a fake Jester account called @real_j35t3r (we’ll call him fake Jester), posing to be the real Jester. In response, the Jester set up a fake account pretending to be a reporter under the pseudonym of Aneka Melia. The Jester uses this account to get an interview with the fake Jester, who asks for a sum of  $23,5000. After the interview, the Jester was able to completely document the identity of the fake Jester but does not release it to protect the identity of the person.

Later, it is revealed that the fake Jester’s Anon IRC (Internet Relay Chat) ID is Nakomis and his name is Casey Gardiner, after the fake Jester talks to himself on Twitter.  The Jester posts the entire story to his blog.

It has now come to light, that Nakomis (allegedly Gardiner) was a member of LulzSec and according to the Jester supplied ‘SQL vulnerabilities for their attacks as well as coding software.’


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