Free Public Wi-Fi Internet Coming to Seoul

View from Namsan, Seoul, South Korea by Yeowatzup (Flickr)
Photographed by Yeowatzup (Flickr)

From 2015 Seoul, South Korea’s capital city, will have free Wi-Fi in over 10,000 public spaces including shopping centers, parks and surrounding streets. 13.5 percent of the total area in Seoul will have the coverage. The project is estimated to be worth $US44 million or  47.7 billion won.

The announcement comes from a 2015 Blueprint of Seoul titled ‘State-of-the-art Smart City.’ The Seoul government says that they have ‘been preparing in order to incorporate IT services into every field, including administration, welfare, industry and living,’ adding that around 80% of citizens would be using smart devices. Korean readers can read the full presentation online.

Korea has the world’s fastest broadband according to Akamai’s State of the Internet report. Also by the end of 2011 buses, subway trains and taxis will be offering broadband services.


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