LulzSec Releases 62,000 Email Addresses and Passwords

Random Buttons

LulzSec said ‘these are random assortments from a collection, so don’t ask which site they’re from or how old they are, because we have no idea,’ adding that they didn’t know how many of the passwords worked. The list was previously removed by MediaFire, only to be re-uploaded by LulzSec.

One Twitter user, TheDancingMilk, tweeted that they gained access to major websites using a password and email from the list. ‘Got an Xbox Live, Paypal, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…’ Others had Amazon accounts and Paypal accounts with 250 pounds.

To find out if your email address is included visit Gizmodo, alternatively download the text file from MediaFire [file taken down] and use the search function to find your email addresses.


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