How To: Play the Les Paul Google Doodle Again

Google will continue to host the popular Les Paul guitar Google Doodle at its new permanent home. The Google Doodle proved so popular, that Google left it on the homepage for two days instead of one. Google Doodle tweeted ‘With all the great tunes you’ve created, we had to give the #LesPaul doodle a permanent home.’

The Les Paul Google Doodle celebrated Les Paul’s 96th birthday, the guitar legend died during 2009. Les Paul helped in creating the solid-body electric guitar, a must-know for every guitarist, and experimented with multitask recording and other guitar techniques.

The Google Doodle can be used to play many real songs. Including ‘Here Comes the Sun’ with instructions on how to play the song by Julius Motal from PC Mag.


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