LulzSec Gets a Hacking Admirer: LulzRaft

Image via Wikipedia

They are on ‘teh internets’ and ‘worshipping @lulzsec by day, hating China (& Sony [& politicians]) by night.’ LulzRaft was created on Twitter just four days ago on June 6 2011 to the fanfare of more than 1,000 Twitter followers.

LulzRaft gained the spotlight after they hacked Conservative Party of Canada on the June 7-8, they published a false story that the Prime Minister was hospitalized after choking on a hash brown, under the headline of ‘Prime Minister Rushed to Hospital After Breakfast Incident.’ They have also gained access to a list of donors to the party and targeted a technology company based in China as well as a Libyan broadcasting company.

The group say they are not related to LulzSec, though they share lots of the same method. They both do it for fun (the ‘lulz’), publish on Pastebin, mainly report stories and jokes on Twitter and use Bitcoins (a virtual currency).

LulzRaft only follow one account on Twitter: LulzSec. They told one Twitter follower that LulzSec were the ‘the real champs!’ The popularity of the group, could be based on the same principles of LulzSec, after all, who likes a serious hacker?


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