LulzSec ‘Wins’ Black & Berg Hacking Prize

LulzSec Website Picture

Black & Berg Cybersecurity Consulting set up a competition for anyone who could change the image on their front page to win ‘$10K and a position working with Senior Cybersecurity Advisor, Joe Black.’ The hack was quickly completed by LulzSec who published an image on the front page and said ‘done, that was easy, keep your money we do it for the lulz’!/JosephKBlack/status/77826828462592000

The consultancy agency has regularly published tweets linking directly to LulzSec hacks. In one tweet, Joseph Black, writes ‘FBI username and passwords. Enjoy. (Hint: They use the same passwords for ALL their accounts!),’ attaching a link to a text file with the passwords.

The cybersecurity agency describe their business as the use of the ‘close relationship with the Federal Government to give our small business clients a Cybersecurity posture that equals or exceeds that of the NSA and Department of Defense,’ on their Facebook presence.


One thought on “LulzSec ‘Wins’ Black & Berg Hacking Prize

  1. I doubt the folks at Cybersecurity wasn’T expecting this……at least not in only a few hours…xD

    Hmm…I wonder if their actually gonna get the money…..

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