Apple: Google and Amazon Music Services Take Weeks To Upload

Apple’s new online cloud storage is nothing new. Cloud storage is already offered by most major technology companies with products such as Google Docs, Dropbox, Windows Live SkyDrive and the Amazon Cloud Drive all freely available. Google is currently developing a beta service called Music by Google, which allows uploaded music to be played with music and music purchased from Amazon is uploaded to the Amazon Cloud Drive.

What Apple is playing on is its dominance in storing user data. It provides a place for apps, which can be pushed to all Apple devices; iBooks on the Mac and most importantly, paid music. Music you have previously purchased from iTunes can be accessed on your Mac or PC, iPod, iPad and iPhone devices. Unlike the music services from Amazon and Google, Apple will use a matching method. Your music library is scanned and matched to the 18 million songs in iTunes.

One of the more bewildering claims from the Apple iCloud music comparison table, is that Apple will take ‘minutes’ to scan and match your music library while Amazon and Google will take ‘weeks,’ A potentially misleading claim, Apple could of said it would take months, years, thousands of years if they wanted to.  Unhelpfully, they based the claim on the fact ‘upload time varies depending on amounts uploaded.’

Amazon’s statistics reported by Apple are also shaky. Apple says that it costs $50 for 5,000 songs, however $50 (USD) is the annual price for 10,000 songs. It costs $20 for 4,000 songs, they have simply rounded it up to the 10,000 song figure as Apple wanted 5,000 songs in their comparison table. Surely, they should have a footnote pointing out that the amount of stored music can double for the same price.

For now, Google in the comparison table is not very helpful. The costs are still unknown, Apple only can fill in one category for the comparison table, which was that Google Music was a web app. Maybe, we should not of trusted Apple to create a comparison table, check out PC World for a non-bias approach to the comparison table.


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