LulzSec Hacks Sony For Source Code in ‘Sownage 2’

LulzSec has hacked Sony for the second time, just one week after the first Sony hack which saw music coupons and user databases stolen. LulzSec has released information concerning Sony BMG’s internal network maps and the Sony Computer Entertainment Developer Network source code.

Sony BMG internal network maps show details of firewalls used and the server environment which details the servers, space and security features.!/LulzSec/status/77736347154128897

The Epoch Times has published an article alleging one of the LulzSec members, Robert Cavanaugh, was in FBI custody but LulzSec deny that any members were under the custody of the FBI. On Twitter, they said ‘that’s strange because all of us are still here. Uh-oh!’


One thought on “LulzSec Hacks Sony For Source Code in ‘Sownage 2’

  1. People who don’t study China may not be aware that Epoch Times is actually an anti-China propoganda paper run by Taiwan and Falun Gong. It probably gets funding the from the CIA too. Not a reputable source for anything China (and now hacking) related.

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