Is ‘Google Will Eat Itself’ a Hoax?

Google Will Eat Itself

In 202,345,117 years Google would have completely eaten itself. A project called ‘Google Will Eat Itself’ is underway which serves ‘Google text advertisements on a network of hidden Websites,’ then purchases Google shares using the money they earned. But is it a hoax?

The website had attracted the attention of Google’s legal department five years ago, sending a letter (English translation) from the legal department and cancelling three out of forty ‘decoy’ accounts. Google saying ‘be assured that Google will use all legal means to prosecute such fraud. ‘

Though, on closer inspection the numbers don’t add up right. In 2008, The Register reported that in 202,345,117 years, Google would have eaten itself. That would mean for three years, the amount of shares they purchased and value remained the same. The Register is also skeptical saying ‘after further investigation, it’s likely the Google Will Eat Itself project is indeed ia hoax – though those behind it say that it’s not.’

The economics experiment hopes to one day hand-over the ownership of Google to the public. The project uses a complex system of PHP, JavaScript and Flash to generate false impressions which will earn the Google Will Eat Itself project money but also uses a lot of strange systems. They describe their data source as ‘Mixer and Multiplier Data Source,’ which has a human behavior generator with  ‘random memory.’

The project’s last press release was in 2005 and the source code of the website reveals it was created in December 2005. Could this just be a fun social experiment?

Via Reddit


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