ZOMG! Schmick Words Added to the Oxford English Dictionary

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The Oxford English Dictionary Online has added 25 new words to their growing collection of the English language. Including many abbreviated words used in technology such lappy (laptop), ZOMG, NSFW (not safe for work).

‘The world of computers and social networking continues to be a major influence on the English language’ says the OxfordWords Blog and recent events have helped shape the additions of badware, for bad software; social graph, a graphic which represents your social connections; and network neutrality. Technology industry words such as infographic, breadcrumb trail, permalink and website-specific words of Twittersphere and unfollow are also included.

These additions come after the March 2011 additions of online slang such as FYI (for you information), LOL (laughing out loud), OMG (oh my god). Words have also taken on a new meaning, for example, searching from an earlier edition of Oxford English Dictionary Online for ‘lappy’ returns the rare usage of ‘resembling a lap or lobe.’


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