LulzSec Attacks FBI Affiliate, Infragard, for Information

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LulzSec has followed up plans to compromise a FBI-related website. Infragard, a partnership between businesses in the United States and the FBI has been fully comprised as well as details supposedly supporting that the U.S. government was related to cyber-attacks in Libya. LulzSec published a YouTube video on the homepage of the website, though the website is now completely down with no video.

The group posted on Pastebin that ‘NATO and our good friend Barrack Osama-Llama 24th-century Obama have recently upped the stakes with regard to hacking,’  adding that hacking could be considered an act of war spurred the actions to attack the FBI affiliate.

The personal details of the CEO of FBI-affiliated Unveillance, Karim Hijazi, who used the passwords for personal and corporate GMail accounts have been stolen. A full list of personal information such as home address, phone number, age, aliases and email address have been published along with purported chat logs.

The group has published 700mb of email logs which they encourage journalists to search through logs, saying they have found that the ‘U.S. government is funding the CSFI to attack Libya’s cyber infrastructure.’

LulzSec also say they contacted Hijazi to tell him about their hacking activities. Allegedly, Hijazi ‘offered to pay us [LulzSec] to eliminate his competitors through illegal hacking means in return for our silence,’ according to the same public press release.

Meanwhile, LulzSec has identified the source of DDoS attacks on their official website telling their 37,500+ Twitter followers this:!/LulzSec/status/76792738871394304

The project to attack  FBI was first announced on Twitter on the 10th of May and the release was temporarily cancelled on the 21st of May, the Twitter group saying they were going to release it on Monday (though this did not materialize) as ‘…it will get moar attention and thus moar lulz on Monday morning. The weekend is a quiet time.’


One thought on “LulzSec Attacks FBI Affiliate, Infragard, for Information

  1. Some of what you wrote flew over my head, but … So it’s cyberwar now? If we could keep war virtual (war games) who would be the soldiers? Pimply-faced teens addicted to video games? Okay, I’m being facetious … kinda scary …

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