Four (More) Tips for a Better Blog


Here are five more tips for creating a better, a topic we’ve previously covered.

1. Write As Often As Possible

Readers will often visit your blog daily or weekly depending on their reading schedule. Though, some readers may use the WordPress subscription and RSS feeds to keep updated, many will directly visit your homepage. Therefore, getting new stories daily is vital. The Daily Post challenge has a quick list of tips for better writing habits.

2. Get on the Forums

WordPress has a thriving community with many fellow bloggers to be found on the forums. New bloggers and those looking for blogs to read will benefit from visiting the Showcase, here you will find many new bloggers plugging their blog and feedback. Also, try contributing to the community by answering and asking questions. Who knows, you may get a new reader and help the other bloggers with their WordPress problems.

3. Photographs and Illustrations

There is hardly anything more eye-capturing then a good photo or illustration. Certain themes allow for thumbnails on the front-page, you if don’t want the large photos your blog. We use Inkscape, to create our own illustrations using Inkscape, free open-source software which creates scalable vector graphics (SVG).

4. Comment on Other Blogs

Let’s face it, every blogger loves comments. Most bloggers will respond to your comments if you have any questions for the post. It’s a quick way to make your blog known to other bloggers as well as comment readers.


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