Cisco: Devices Will Outnumber People 2 to 1 by 2015

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Cisco has today released their annual Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast with data from 2009-2015. The forecast predicts that there be 15 billion network-connected devices which would outnumber humans 2:1.  They also estimated that 40% of the world’s population in 2015 would be using the internet, 2009 World Bank data showed that 27.1% of the world had access to the internet.

Cisco says that 674 days worth of video will be consumed adding to nearly a trillion gigabytes of internet protocol (IP) traffic. Other factors listed for the increase include more devices, internet users and faster broadband speeds. In one year, the average speed of broadband rose from 3.5mbps to 7 mbps, with predictions it could reach 25mbps.

There are also changes from sources of traffic with Asia expected to generate the most internet traffic overtaking North America. The two fastest growing regions are Africa and the Middle East, though South America is also developing fast.

Cisco has also published an infographic of their collected research, which breaks down statistics by number of users per country and a visualization of the different IP traffic sizes.


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