LulzSec Takes Hacking to the World with Social Media

LulzSec Logo
LulzSec logo

LulzSec has turned into a very public hacking group using social media websites to taunt opponents and publicize news. Twitter users have followed the Lulzsec on Twitter by the thousands. Their first public hack was the stealing of personal data from Fox which earned them 250 followers, a number which raised to 799  after they targeted Fox for in their three-phase plan. The number of Twitter followers for LulzSec has now risen to 7,462.

LulzSec administrators run the Twitter presence. LulzSec said, last month, that three people had access to the account. The main members of the group codenamed ‘Whirlpool’ and ‘kraken’ in various chat logs released by the official Twitter. LulzSec uses the anonymous public paste tool, Pastebin, for distributing lists of stolen passwords and ‘press releases.’ Previously, the group has had their pastes removed from the website as Pastebin’s acceptable usage policy does not permit password, email and personal information to be posted.

LulzSec’s persona is based purely on memes from the nyan cat background and monocle-eyed logo. LulzSec say they are doing it for the ‘lulz.’ Tweets from the group have included basic security tips, details of hacks and banter. Here is an example of the group’s dry humor tweets:!/LulzSec/status/68544254489792512

The group encourages asking questions on Formspring, though their last answer to a question was from two weeks ago. LulzSec doesn’t keep a web presence separately, only on major networks such as Twitter and Formspring servers, though they have recently said ‘we’re working on our website’ on its Twitter timeline.


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