What Are the Most-Visited Websites?


One of the general curiosity many web users have is what websites are most internet users visiting around the world. Estimations on the visitors have been provided by Google in a list of the most-visited websites.

Google’s statistics are based on unique visitors and is measured by Ad Planner. Google list the top ten websites as Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Windows Live, Wikipedia, MSN, Baidu, Blogspot and Microsoft. According to the statistics, Wikipedia is the highest non-advertising website and Facebook has 590,000,000 users. The entire list contains the category, unique visitors, page views, reach and advertising of 1000 websites.

Ad Planer gets information from Google Toolbar users, Google Analytics and other external sources of data according to the Google FAQ, though it states that most of the features are opt-in.

In-depth demographics are also provided for each website such as average time on the website, education, age, gender and household income by clicking on a link to the website in the list. For example, Facebook users spend an average of 25 minutes on the website and visit it 14 times on each cookie.


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