Five Must-Know VLC Media Player Tips and Tricks

VLC is one of the most powerful video players available for free. If you have not already downloaded a copy, head to the VLC website for the multi-platform software.

Record Video

VLC Advanced Controls

Enable the advanced controls by clicking on the view menu which will show extra controls to use. The extra controls are loop for video, recording, frame-by-frame viewing and snapshots. To use the recording function, just click on the red record control which will create a new video in the directory of the video

Take Screenshots

VLC Snapshot

VLC makes it surprisingly easy to take screenshots, especially since some video players go through strides to black-out media when a screenshot is taken. Further control, is available from the preferences page (via tools menu) where the format of the image can be changed from PNG to JPG and vice versa.

Add Themes to VLC

VLC Themes - Darklounge
Darklounge is one of the many VLC themes available.

Don’t like the default grey of VLC or want the looks of Windows Media Player? VLC hosts many pre-made themes to customize the player. Even clones of Windows Media Player 11 and 12 are available. As well as the collection of community-made themes, the official  VLC Skin Editor allows you to create your own theme without the need to learn any XML and a help page for those interested in the elements required in a theme.

Video Filters

Video Effects in VLC
Psychedelic video comes to VLC

From the handy side of adjusting colors to the fun of changing your video in a puzzle, VLC effects and filters is a great option to explore if you have spare time. Professional features such as logo addition and removal, zooming, scripting and cropping are all included here. When adding or removing a logo the image in the directory of the video will be used and all option are in the ‘video effects’ preferences page.

Open YouTube Videos in VLC

Open Internet Video in VLC

Open network stream using ‘File > Open Network Stream’, this will allow for the streaming of many different types of connections including YouTube. Just paste in the URL of a YouTube video as the network URL to start streaming. This allows you to view the video in the VLC user interface, meaning you can use all the previously mentioned features, time for YouTube videos with the psychedelic effect and recording? I think so!


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