Five Official Web App Status Uptime Monitors [Showcase]

Today, many web-services use a website to provide the status of the service. if it’s up or experiencing downtime. These websites often use blogs and a simple message on the uptime of the website, today we’ll look at five innovative status websites.

These allow users to check if the web service is working properly without having to use a third-party website like Down for Everyone or Just Me.

1. Skype Heartbeat

Skype Heartbeat

Based on the theme of a heart, the Skype up-time monitor is always pumping (or broken) depending on the status. Here it is pictured after a recent downtime which links to the blog lower down the page.  Blog posts are a few paragraphs but updates are added by the Skype team.

2. Google Apps Status Dashboard

Google Status
The Google status page shows the availability of all services for consumers and businesses. The system is based on symbols with more information available by clicking on the information icon. Google has also created a transparency report which details government requests and traffic in countries, especially reporting on governments blocking internet services.

3. Windows Live Status

Windows Live Status

Looks familiar doesn’t it? It appears to be based on the status reporting system from Google and provides more information by click on the information icon. Though, the page above is the status history which show multiple days, by default it only shows one day at a time.

4. Twitter Status

Twitter Status Blog
Twitter uses a Tumblr-powered blog with short posts to keep its users up-to-date. Updates on the blog are kept very short, with one sentence updates advising that the issue has been fixed with one simply updating with five words: ‘the issue has been resolved.’

5. Formspring Status

Formspring Status
Another Tumblr-based blog with short updates. Formspring, an anonymous question and answer website, encourages the use of Tumblr to follow them, a feature not found on the Twitter status update blog. All updates are made a separate posts and are also very short.


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