Top 5 Free Video Editing Programs

1. Windows Live Movie Maker (Windows)

Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker is a simple solution for video creators who want a video fast. The program is very easy to use and features auto-movie functions which allow you to apply pre-made themes. Windows Live Movie Maker includes all the basic video editing functions you expect, such as audio support, visual effects as well as support for in-built support for uploading to websites such as YouTube and Facebook. The program is packaged in Windows Live Essentials, though you can deselect the unwanted programs.

2. Avidemux (Linux/Windows/Mac OSX)


This open-source software is available for all the popular operating systems. Avidemux is very powerful including features such as scripting and job queue, however simple features such as filtering, encoding and cutting are all well-integrated. The program has lots of documentation made by the community and a forum.

3. OpenShot Video Editor (Linux)

OpenShot Video Editor

OpenShot Video Editor maybe the best solution for free video editors for Linux, unfortunately there is no support for Windows and Mac OSX yet. OpenShot Video Editor is very simple to use and features such as transitions, effects, audio mixing and support for many video file formats. Their goal is very clear, saying in a blog post for the release of version 1.30 that they want to be the ‘the very best open-source video editor.’ A manual is also included for beginners.

4. iMovie (Mac OSX, Free on New Systems)

iMovie 2011 (Image Via Wikipedia)

iMovie is included on all Mac computers for free, though if you want to upgrade you’ll have to purchase a new edition. iMovie is Apple’s flagship video editing program and is even available, for purchase, on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad as an app. iMovie has a range of themes to suit certain occasions and most of the editing is simply drag-and-drop. Features normally found in professional video editors like video stabilization and audio effects are included. Visit Apple for a full run-down of the features.

5. VideoLAN Movie Creator (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Although, VideoLAN Movie Creator is yet to hit a stable release it looks very promising. The team behind the popular free video player, VLC Player, is developing the software and are also looking for developers. The aim is to be a simple video editor that is powerful.


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Free Video Editing Programs

  1. I downloaded Avidenux and found it kind of difficult in terms of how it was arranged and used more for home video editing than just compiling Youtube videos together (I use Fraps and it makes me record into preset time alloted avi file). But the features are pretty great though.

    I think Windows Live is just like Windows but with a better interface (maybe fixed the memory issue). Also kind of those promoter programs to suck you into thinking that Windows 7 is pretty good. I tried installing all of the Eseentials pack, only thing I got out was the Writer. I’m just running XP, mind you.

    1. Hmm, Windows Live Movie Maker is only for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008. Shame they don’t have any compatibility for their most popular OS distribution.

  2. There are some online stores that give away Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 silver for free. It isn’t the latest version and you can’t import mpeg files, but it works a lot better for me than anything else I’ve found for free so far. Hopefully VideoLan will turn into something great.

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