The Economics of Seinfeld Popularizes Economics

Soup Kitchen International
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The Economics of Seinfeld was created by university professors, showing that economics is everywhere, even in the television audience’s sitcom comedy favorite, Seinfeld.

‘The Soup Nazi makes delicious soup—so good there’s always a line outside his shop,’ explains the Economics of Seinfeld on the Soup Nazi episode, however he has a monopoly on the soup market, demonstrating barriers to entry and monopoly power.

An unlikely economics lesson is gained from the Marine Biologist episode, Elaine receives an electronic organizer storing all her events on it until it gets lost. The website explains ‘if she hadn’t put all of her eggs in one basket (her events in one organizer), she could have reduced her exposure to risk.’

The website integrates clips from Seinfeld sourced from Critical Commons and explanations of the economics in the episode are discussed. Everything from competition to cost-benefit analysis and an index is included to find a specific concept.


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