New Adobe Flash Player 10.3 Allows Quick Clearing of Flash Cookies

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The latest edition of Adobe Flash Player, version 10.3,will allow for the clearing of flash cookies in your browser privacy setting. Emily Huang from the Adobe Flash team blog saying this feature ‘streamlines the controls of the Flash Player privacy, security and storage settings within the local control panel of desktop OSes.’

The update is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android from Adobe. Two desktop-only features of ‘acoustic echo cancellation’ for clearer audio and ‘media measurement’ for in-depth user statistics for developers. Auto-update notifications will also be coming for the MacOS.

It is expected that users of Android Honeycomb tablets will experience improved speed due to  a previous 10.2 Flash player upgrade for Android devices.

Previously to delete flash cookies the installation of an add-on was necessary, such as BetterPrivacy which can automatically delete flash cookies in Firefox.


3 thoughts on “New Adobe Flash Player 10.3 Allows Quick Clearing of Flash Cookies

  1. I hate the advertisements flashing all the time. It is very distracting. How can I stop it from happening? I have tried deleting the adobe flasher and then I can’t watch youtube. Please help me rectify this problem as it only started when I was notified to download the newest version.

    1. Hi Vicky, Depending on what browser you’re using you can install add-ons/extensions. Extensions allow you to customize your browser. Flashblock is able to block flash until you click play and Adblock is another solution which blocks ALL ads.

      If your browser doesn’t support extensions, upgrade your browser to Firefox 4 or the latest edition of Google Chrome for support of these extensions.

      Go to Firefox support, for Firefox related help at

  2. Can I change it, so that when I delete my cookies my LSO’s (flash cookies) won’t be deleted? As an avid gamer this new feature will cause a lot of problems as I like my browser to be set to delete all cookies upon closing without deleting the gaming data.

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