3000+ ATM Details Released by LulzSec

Hacking group, LulzSec, has released 3133 individual bank account details via Twitter and Pastebin. Private details include machine ID, address, latitude and longitude as well as the company owner and transaction amount. The group noted that the leak contained no personally identifiable mention but added in a tweet ‘sometimes it’s not about what you leak, but how you got it to begin with.’ A chat transcript between two Lulzsec administrators was added to the release:

Whirlpool: hey kraken
kraken: here
Whirlpool: should we leak pointless ATM information?
kraken: yes, lots of it!
Whirlpool: okay let’s do it
kraken: :3
kraken: someone will find a use for it all
Whirlpool: maybe an ATM fetishist ^_^

The group has also said in a tweet that ‘three people use this [Twitter] account’ and released details for a new Formspring Lulzsec account. Formspring is a popular anonymous questions and answer site, the group describing the website as exciting and new.

The group has also made it clear that it has gained details from a FBI-related website:



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