LimeWire Settles Record Label Suit for $105m

Limewire lawsuit
LimeWire will pay a $105m out-of-court settlement for a copyright lawsuit with major music labels. Mitch Bainwol, the RIAA Chairperson, said ‘LimeWire wreaked enormous damage on the music community, helping contribute to thousands of lost jobs and fewer opportunities for aspiring artists. ‘

RIAA also released details to customers via its blog post on LimeWire last year that they could ‘save your computer from virus or spyware’ and ‘contribute to the investment in the next crop of talented artists if they purchased music legitimately,’ after a court order to permanently suspend the file-sharing program was made.

13 record companies were also previously were knocked-back after they attempted to mount a $75 trillion lawsuit against LimeWire. Kimba Wood, a Manhattan federal district court judge, said they were requesting ‘more money than the entire music recording industry has made since Edison’s invention of the phonograph in 1877.’


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