How to Use foobar2000 to Subscribe to Podcasts

foobar2000 is a very powerful media player that can be expanded with new features. Podcatcher for Foobar can be used for managing, playing and subscribing to all your favorite podcast. Here is how to use this component:

Step 1. To subscribe to podcasts using foobar first download the Podcatcher component and extract ‘foo_podcatcher.dll’ into your component folder in the foobar2000 installation (eg. C:Program Filesfoobar2000components).

Step 2. Reload foobar2000 and your new component should appear. To subscribe to a podcast click on ‘File’ in the main menu then select ‘Subscribe to Podcast feed.’ This will allow the input of a feed URL which should be a XML file format into the new pop-up box (see below). For this example, I will be using the BBC Click feed in RSS.

Subscribe to a Podcast Foobar 2000

Step 3. To start downloading use ‘Podcatcher Feed Properties’ in the View menu (first highlighted box) then click  on the feed (second highlighted box below).

Podcatcher Feed Properties

Step 4. Select the multiple files which appear in your main window then click ‘Download podcasts.’ This will start your download process and all that’s left to do now is enjoy your podcasts!

Podcatcher Download Podcasts


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