LulzSec Targets Fox Data (Again) for Third Phase

A relatively new hacking group, LulzSec, is continuing to target data from Fox Entertainment Group. The group confirmed the data they have leaked in phases:

0 – Personal details of 73,000 X-Factor contestants
1 – 363 email/passwords
2 – PHP security details and password combinations
3 – 44 email addresses and passwords.

Phase three data was released today around 2 hours ago on Pastebin, the group describing it as the ‘finishing taunt’ as ‘Fox failed to provide us [LulzSec] with candy.’ the accompanying text included ASCII art of a boat with the word ‘lulz’, lyrics for a LulzSec song and conversation between two LulzSec chat users.

The group takes a light-hearted approach to tweets and leaks, at the start of the leaked list they wrote ‘hello again, fellow Internet crusaders! … we’re here to tell you that the following hacking is evil and should be frowned upon.’ and regularly posts security and internet-related tips.

The password list has been viewed 355 times whilst a leak from 11 May had 1,972 views. The official Twitter page strongly hints at targeting the FBI, a security government agency in the United States.!/LulzSec/status/68846326464524288
Followers on Twitter has also taken a rise, from around 250 followers just 3 days ago when we first heard of LulzSec to 799 today.


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