Dan Awesome’s Rage Maker is a Non-Memebase Rage Comic Editor

Dan Awesome's Rage Maker

If you’re looking for a rage comic editor try the aptly named Dan Awesome’s Rage Maker which allows export to imgur, Reddit, to disk and XML (for saving and loading your workspace). All the meme faces you’ve come to love are all included in the sidebar with the option to browse faces in the works.

The last time we featured a meme comic editor we looked at Rage Comic Editor, a really good meme comic creator but after Memebase purchased the comic editor, all rage comics in the creator stay in Memebase and the export function has been removed.

Using the editor is quite easy, mostly click-and-drag functions with icons on the top to guide you but instructions are included if you need more help. Another feature unique to Dan Awesome’s Rage Maker is the ability to get an offline download. The download is only available for Windows (XP, Vista and 7) and the download is split into the actual program and the image pack.

UPDATE (3/06/2011): The owner has set-up a mirrored version of the website for use.

UPDATE (1/06/2011): It has come to out attention from the owner’s Reddit submission, that Rage Maker has faced a denial of service and subsequently deactivated. Please visit this Reddit comment from the owner for details on downloading Rage Maker offline for use on Windows and OSX.


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