What Was the ‘S’ Thing We All Drew?

Remember this logo? More than 450,000 people remember it and have liked the Facebook page called “That ‘S’ Thing We All Drew In School“. How did the ‘S’ thing, sometimes known as ‘Super S’  or the Stussy symbol come about?

Many internet boards and Reddit have discussion on the topic in multiple posts. There is a general consensus that this is the logo of Stussy, a popular clothing company which originated in the United States. However, there appears to be no real example of Stussy ever using the logo. Some users even commented that the logo was banned in their school due to connections to gangs.

It is likely that the ‘S’ thing was spread simply because it looked interesting and was later given the name of Stussy, even if it didn’t have a connection to the brand.

Know of its origin? Remember drawing it? Comment below.


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