How to Submit a Post to Xydo

Xydo, gathers news from your Twitter and Facebook feeds and prioritizes news while allowing voting (like Digg and Reddit). The service is still is in beta and was released a few days ago on the 3rd of May.

To submit your own posts and stories to Xydo visit the new post page. You’ll need to enter a URL, title and communities.

Communities are similar to subreddits (Reddit) and topics (Digg), they are used to connecting your post to a topic page. For example, Ubuntu and Technology are all Communities which could be used for a post about Ubuntu. As usual, an interesting headline is needed to capture the attention of reader.

There is also an option to submit a text-based post which allows 140 character titles and as much text as you like for your story/ article. Again, attach this to a ‘community’ to receive the attention your post deserves and as the page says “beginning your title with ‘vote up if’ is a violation of your intelligence. “


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